Vehicle Preparation Guide

By entering the Geelong Revival sprints, all competitors accept full liability for any damage as a result of their actions. 

As well as reading the event Supplementary Regulations, you must prepare your vehicle prior to competition.

As per the Motorsport Australia Technical Regulations, particularly Schedule A every competition vehicle must have the following in order to be considered safe to compete:

  • An approved dry-powder fire extinguisher (minimum 1kg) securely mounted within reach of the driver without undoing their seat-belts (link)
  • A battery location sticker – a 100x100mm blue triangle on the exterior bodywork to show where the battery is.
  • Seatbelts – if fitted, seatbelts must not be damaged or frayed. If harnesses are fitted, they must be within date.Belts are the main reason for vehicles to fail scrutineering.If damaged or out of date REPLACE YOUR BELTS.
  • EV’s must display a 100x100mm Orange “EV” sticker on each side of the vehicle.
  • Any Motorsport Australia log-booked vehicle must comply with the class it is authorised for.
  • Any road-registered vehicle must be in road-worthy condition.

Driver preparation:

  • Drivers must hold a current Motorsport Australia Speed licence, at a minimum. No day-licences can be issued. Obtain one here.
  • Your entry fee includes one pit space, four competitive sprints for one vehicle, one driver pass, two pit crew passes and two race number stickers.
  • Clothing must be wrist-to-ankle non-flammable clothing. Race suits are not required. Natural-fibre fabrics eg. jeans and denim jacket are acceptable.
  • Footwear must be non-flammable. Leather boots with elastic sides are acceptable.
  • Helmets must meet AS/NZS1698 specifications at a minimum and be undamaged – item 2.1, Technical Appendix Schedule D.
  • Closed-face helmets (or open-face with FIA-approved goggles) and non-flammable gloves are required for open-cabin vehicles.
  • Open-face helmets are acceptable in enclosed vehicles.

Conditions of competition:

  • No additional fuel permitted in the pits. Any containers of fuel must be handed to race administration prior to drivers briefing.
  • Refuelling is not permitted in the pits.
  • EV recharging is not permitted in the pits.
  • Non-competition vehicles left in the pits after drivers briefing will be charged a full-price competition entry fee.
  • Unpaid entry fees will exclude drivers from competition.