Toyota Special F3

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This vehicle started life as a Skoda special in 1968, built by Arthur Banks from Sydney using a Skoda engine and gearbox, with drum brakes front and rear.
The engine and brake combination proved unreliable and it was updated in 1971 with a Toyota 1100cc engine, a VW gearbox and disc brakes fitted front and rear.

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The car was re-log booked by CAMS as a group Q car. In its early life it competed at Amaroo, Philip Island, Winton and Sandown as well as various events in NSW and Victoria in the F3 class.
Not being an ultra-quick car, it didn’t have a lot of success.
It has been rumored that one of its owners was unhappy with it and decided to strip the car. According to the legend, all the parts were sold at a swap meet, where it was purchased and reassembled.
It has had approximately 6 owners. The original owner had it for 13 years then a number of other owners for short periods of time.
It was purchased by the parents of the current owner in 1996. Together they turned the car around, making it faster and more reliable. They campaigned the car for another 13 years in club events in South Australia.
In early 2009 the current owner purchased the car from his parents, keeping it safely in the family.
In November 2009 the car was extensively damaged in a serious accident, needing a complete rebuild. A new engine, gearbox and many other various parts were needed! But after 10 months of work by family members, it all came back to life again.

Now the Toyota special is mainly competing in events and sprints. This will be its 5th year competing at the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival.

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