Media accreditation for the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival 2018 is available to working media representing relevant publications and news outlets. In the interest of your safety, only a limited number of media will be allowed at the event.

The media accreditation form will be available later on in the year. If you have any questions about media coverage at the event please contact

Media Rules

To contact the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival Media Officer please email

Media passes will be available for collection on Saturday 26th November. The collection location will be determined prior to the event. You must provide a photo ID with your name matching that on your media application form in order to collect your Media Pass. Your media pass is valid for both days and MUST be worn at all times.

The media briefing will be held at 9:30am on Saturday 26th November at the Media Pass Collection point. Attendance is compulsory. Media vests will be handed out after the media briefing. Once you have your media vest, your pass and your wristband, you can enter the restricted track area.

There are no reserved parking spots, so get in early.

1. Never, under any circumstances are you to enter the actual race track.
2. Keep a barrier between you and the track at all times.
3. No sitting on, standing on, leaning over the barrier wall. Your entire body must be BEHIND the barrier.
4. Listen to and adhere to any instructions given to you by the track marshals.
5. Wear your pass, vest and wrist band at all times.
6. Respect all no-go zones as explained to you at the media briefing.

Failure to observe any of the above will result in your immediate removal from the event.