Geelong Revival Girls

Geelong Revival Motoring Festival 2016 dates have been confirmed for Fri 25th, Sat 26th and Sunday 17th of November. Event Director Nicholas Heath said “We always try for the last weekend in November. Sometimes we have to shift for other events or motorsports commitments. This year we got it, which is great news.” Asked what would be different this year, Mr Heath said “We’re working hard on the second track. That will bring a historic hill climb to the Geelong Revival which would be magic. We’ve still got a lot of work to do with Council and CAMS, but it looks like its a goer.” It certainly would be a valuable addition to an already great event program.

Old School Class


Rex Broadbent, legendary classic tarmac rally racing driver will take part in Sunday’s classic quarter mile sprint in his replica 1974 Porsche 911 S3.0.

Rex’s classic Porsche is one of the most successful cars in Australian classic tarmac rally history.

Starting life as a road car, Rex transformed his Porsche into a tarmac rally racer and competed successfully over a number of years, winning numerous Tasmanian Targa Classics.

In 2013 at the Tasmanian Targa Classic, Rex rolled the original Porsche whilst in the lead – and by 2015 the car was rebuilt and ready to race once again.

Be trackside at the Geelong Revival Motoring festival to witness one of Australia’s most accomplished Porsche Rally drivers heading down the quarter-mile straight.



Matt Mingay’s impressive list of achievements is almost longer than the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival’s quarter mile race track.

Voted Australia’s number 1 stunt rider and extreme sports athlete, Matt has three world records under his Hot Wheel’s racing suit in addition to being the only Australian street-bike rider to break a Guiness World Record. Matt was also voted number 1 in the support category, four years’ running, in the V8 Supercar Events – Matt knows his stuff.

Matt has been a professional stunt rider for close on 20 years and has become the most popular action sports athlete throughout the Oceania region.

Matt also rules social media – with over 1 million likes on his Facebook page alone, his fans are the largest group of action sports enthusiasts in Australia.

Presented by Geelong Harley Davidson, Matt Mingay will once again be heading to the quarter-mile straight down Ritchie Boulevarde – check out for yourself how many rolling endos and wheel scrapping wheelies Matt will be laying down this Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November at the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival.